Our Packaging

We understand the importance of the items and goods in the homes, offices, factories etc. of our clients. It is easy to buy a house, but it becomes a home when these items, daily goods are decorated in every corner, in order to provide it a touch of our persona. Going by this thought, we pack in the goods and items belonging to our clients using the best in industry products and packaging that ensures the safety of each and every item we pack.When packing the belongings of our clients come in picture, we regard this step as the utmost important. The packing material we bring in use is customized as per the requirements of our clients and their goods.

Most of the team members with us, are enriched with hands on vast experience in this field. We make sure that all of our consignments reach in the best possible condition and on time to the destinations given by our clients.

We at Earth Packers offer customized packaging for each item we pack. Our Crates and containers are creased and filled with the suitable quantity of softening agents to guarantee that goods are protected for shipping. Numerous factors are taken into thought comprising sizes, weight, delicacy, mode of transport and final destination necessities.

We utilize several diverse kinds of cushioning to enable our containers for shipping containing foams of all sorts. Most of the time our company uses the state-of-the-art technology in environment friendly products containing recycled cardboard material.

Our services also comprise of having a consultant visiting and observing your goods, and then from there on, we craft a packaging profile, most suited with your goods thereby offering them with the maximum security as well as protection.

We have been proving ourselves while relocating goods that are fragile, heavyweight, tenacious, huge etc.

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